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1 (New Testament) supposed brother of St James; one of the Apostles who is invoked in prayer when a situation seems hopeless [syn: Jude, Saint Jude, St. Jude, Thaddaeus]
2 (New Testament) the Apostle who betrayed Jesus to his enemies for 30 pieces of silver [syn: Judas Iscariot]
3 someone who betrays under the guise of friendship
4 a one-way peephole in a door

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From < יהודה



  1. A traitor, a person not to be trusted.

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  1. A male given name.

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Judas (Greek: Ιούδας) is the anglicized Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Yehudah (Hebrew: יְהוּדָה), also rendered in English as Judah. Judas may refer to:




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Benedict Arnold, Brutus, Judas Iscariot, Quisling, archtraitor, betrayer, cockatrice, conniver, conspirator, conspirer, convict, criminal, crook, deceiver, desperado, desperate criminal, double agent, double-crosser, double-dealer, felon, fugitive, gallows bird, gangster, gaolbird, informer, intrigant, intriguer, jailbird, lawbreaker, machinator, mobster, outlaw, plotter, public enemy, quisling, racketeer, rat, schemer, scofflaw, serpent, snake, swindler, thief, thug, timeserver, traitor, treasonist, trimmer, turncoat, two-timer
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